Go Green Kids Festival provides infnite opportunities to learn, connect and co-create with courageous optimists, as we come together to understand the sustainable development goals and show how children can beneft by asking; What Can We/You Do?

The Festival applies a holistic approach to ensure maximum interactions and immersion into the theme:

Sports & Games

Our outdoor games build up a healthy body, increase self-esteem and make the mind energetic.


Essays give the children an opportunity to communicate their understanding of the global goals.

Animated Video Lessons

Animation is a brilliant way to communicate stories, ideas and concepts in a creative and original way.

Field Excursions

We need to give [kids] time to connect with nature and love the Earth before we ask them to save it.” - David Sobel

Arts & Craft

Art and craft not only improves understanding of topics but also promotes creativity and self-confdence.


Perhaps the most important skill debaters learn is the ability to think rigorously and critically.

Quiz Competition

Quiz games promote active learning, provide motivational impetus, enhance meaningful knowledge retention by igniting interest and placing theoretical subjects in a real-world perspective

Activation Hub

Experience this dynamic, action-driven & collaborative environment where sponsors/brands find the conversations, connections, tools, solutions and partners to co-create new forms of value and impactas they align their strategies to the global goals

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