We give kids time to connect with nature and love the Earth before we ask them to save it

Go Green Kids Festival avers that education for sustainable development is a powerful and effective force for the kind of sweeping change in attitude and practice essential to real improvement.Go Green Kids Festival 2017 is the second step of a 10-year campaign, SDG Caravan, which will traverse Kenya creating awareness,taking action, and providing training to different actors on the SDGs. The first step was the SDGs Quiz Nite held on January 27 2017 at Hotel Intercontinental inconjuction with Beyond Profit Kenya.

Eco Warriors Kenya

Today, our environment suffers under the growing demands of human consumption and misuse. As population rises and resources get depleted, greater environmental sensitivity and stewardship are essential. The challenge facing all people concerned with the environmental future is how to educate the public about the problems facing our world, create an understanding of environmental and social issues, and express the imperative need for change. Eco Warriors Kenya is a Greyfos initiative to provide inspiration and knowledge all sectors of the society to get outside play in and explore nature - ultimately become stewards of the environment and advocates for conservation.

Greyfos Consulting

Greyfos is a pioneering corporate sustainability and social responsibility firm that helps drive value creation for innovative brands. At Greyfos, we believe that sustainability is the biggest economic opportunity of our time and the innovation imperative will unlock the promise of a smarter, more collaborative and more meaningful way of delivering value. Greyfos as a social enterprise uses disruptive market-based approaches to tackle the myriad of environmental and social challenges facing our planet.

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